GingerWords is a small writing and editing agency with a huge love of words. But definitely not all words. Only those words that express precisely what needs to be communicated.

We make those words work hard so they convey facts, ideas and concepts in a way that is clear, concise and efficient.

What about the dull words that are there just to fill space, or the pompous ones included only to impress or bamboozle the reader? We send them packing, of course. Immediately. Tsek!

Services we offer:

  • writing
  • editing and polishing
  • slashing copy that is needlessly dull and tedious
  • proofreading
  • ‘translating’ dense language into clear, plain language
  • strategic and creative internal and external communications, including media releases, crisis comms, holding statements, web and video content, newsletters, speeches, scripts and advertising copy
  • developing language style guides
  • aligning tone of communications with your company’s personality, purpose and strategy